GATHER: We gather on Sundays at 10:30AM to worship Jesus through song, sharing, preaching, and prayer.

We see the church as a true family that is joyful and real! A friendly gathering place where people meet Jesus. A loving group of people where we grow in the Lord together; and actually live life together. We simply believe that people matter to Jesus and that Jesus is alive! And we believe that church should feel like home and feel like a family; as we serve others as missionaries to our cities and contexts throughout the week.

Each week we sing together about and to God to remind one another of his amazing grace and love poured out through Jesus into our hearts by his Spirit. Often a story of his love and grace will be shared by one of the members of Redemption Church. Then we hear God's word preached, followed by a time of remembering Jesus together. Every week we provide opportunities to receive prayer if needed.

Sundays are a time to gather together with people that live, work, and play all over Southern MN and celebrate the good news about Jesus. It's a time to remember the truths that have changed our lives. We firmly believe that our street address is just a building, but when the people gather it's where you find the church!

Redemption is a friendly family of diverse believers in Jesus Christ, as well as people who are simply investigating Jesus with us. Sundays are for celebration, for hearing biblical, exegetical, and applicational teaching, and responding to what God has done in song, giving, and communion.


1. Sundays are for making much of Jesus.
Through the teaching, music, storytelling, and celebrating, we aim to keep the focus on Jesus. We strive for life-changing gatherings. Our music and preaching is never for the sake of a show, but for pointing everyone to the greatness and love of God. We want to clearly and consistently communicate the good news of Jesus to all who gather with us.

2. Sundays should make sense to almost everyone.
Our teaching comes from a rhythm of both exegetical (walking straight through a book of the Bible) and timely topical series from scripture. Any Sunday you visit will have solid biblical teaching that is gospel-centered and accessible. We offer age-appropriate curriculum for children at Redemption because they are disciples too. We have great teachers and classrooms meant to disciple your kids, not just babysit them.

3. Sundays are essential but not sufficient.
Sunday is an opportunity for us to communicate the unchanging gospel in a fresh way. We keep it simple. We gather. We sing. We listen to God's word preached. We respond together in giving and communion. We do the same things Christians have done for centuries. Sundays are great for doing these things, but they aren't conducive to everything a Christian needs.